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[It's a little after noon when Chloe turns her communicator on. She's sitting on an old white plastic deck chair, and from the look of the buildings behind her, probably on a roof somewhere in Nonah. She's in a worn old white tanktop with a skull on the front, her jeans-covered legs propped up on something, her coat hanging off the back of her chair. She's spent the morning avoiding people, not answering her texts, just...brooding. There's a cigarette between her lips, and she takes a drag off it before she catches it with her other hand, her attention mostly on the phone.]

You ever think about time 'n shit? Like, how it hella doesn't make any sense here? Like, okay, back home, before I wound up here, it was 2013 right? In October.

[She leans back in her chair, resting the phone on her leg, tilted up so all the screen really catches is her face and neck and the clouds.]

Suddenly I'm here, it's three years and a couple months later. Just, wham, welcome to the future except it's a weird fucked up cold war version of the future. And I get like, it's way worse for other people, right? Pulled from other centuries or other fuckin' planets with their own weird-ass calendars but.

Three years.

[She's not even really sure what she's going on about, honestly. She'd been puzzling this over in her head all morning and hadn't gotten anywhere, so maybe she thought rambling out loud would help. It wasn't really working.]

So here we are, right? March 11th, 2016. Shit had gone different, I'd be twenty-two today.

[She hesitates, her gaze distant, up on the clouds as she took another puff off her cigarette.]

Instead, I guess I'm twenty. Sort of. Minus a couple months. Still my birthday though. [And then she smirks, pointing the two fingers holding her cigarette at the sky.] Fuck you, universe. Chloe Price made it to twenty after all.

[She scooped up the phone again, and for a second is framed in the picture again, the camera half-covered by her thumb as she reaches for the disconnect. Her voice is quieter again.]

Didn't see that comin'.


text 002;

Feb. 12th, 2016 10:55 pm
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[Asher's life has gone through a considerable amount of change since he's got here. One would think that being exposed to a variety of different people from all walks of life would lead him to live life with a more open mind. It's happening, somewhat, although at a very steady pace. Navigating life as a somewhat decent person is proving to be more tricky than it should be, but then again, the considerable amount of white privilege and ignorance he's been raised with will take an entire lifetime to wash out completely.

Nevertheless, he's found himself doubting a few things lately.


[As stupid as it seems, he's actually considering not sending this shitty, unnecessary text to the entire network. Whiskey, however, is a terrible thing to imbibe when it comes to making life decisions.]

how do u kno if u r gay

i'm askin 4 a friend

p.s. dis is nut a joke

[God bless autocorrect, am I right?]


Oct. 24th, 2015 06:14 pm
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[Earlier this evening, people in Heropa might have noticed some fireworks in all colors of the rainbow going off above house #11. Fun! If kind of seasonally inappropriate! Those police sirens that followed were probably totally unrelated.

But now, there’s just a young voice posting this message to the network. In the background you can just make out other people talking about normal things, like paperwork and donuts and suspected robberies.

Hey. We only get one call so if Grunkle Stan Pines or Agent Washington could come to the Heropa sheriff's office that would be great. Thanks.
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[Around 2 AM, a poorly worded text message makes its way onto the network:]

how do u get a kid to put a cucumber in his mouth
wait a minute
this is nut wut it sounds like

[Some letters are written with love or great frustration, but this one in particular was composed by a not-so-anonymous poster who had imbibed copious amounts of alcohol. Have no fear, however- As misleading as this shitty example of a modern "letter" is, Asher means well by it. He's been conspicuously absent from social media as of late, aside from the occasional #gains gym selfie on whatever this world's equivalent of Instagram is.

Anxiety is a bitch, and while his newfound powers could certainly be considered a godsend, his lack of control of them is what worries him most. Will he be the result of another unfortunate tragedy, yet again? Will the results of a mishap be even worse, this time?

He has managed to drink these thoughts away in order to gain more focus of the important things: Namely, how to get two mischievous twins to eat their vegetables.

(T e x t)

Oct. 2nd, 2015 11:31 pm
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There are so many talented residents.

Some of you have never had powers before. Some of you know your powers well.

I am curious about your beliefs.

Are you comfortable in your current situation? Could you use...focus? Speak. I will listen.

(He senses unease - the spark of something bigger. How deep does it run, city? How big can the serpent grow? He doesn't mind operating in the shadows - a singular entity - but the progress is always sluggish.)
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SO, HEY. Hideyoshi here, nice t'meetcha new faces and old and all those niceities, but seriously--I have a really important question here.

Like, super dire. I might die if I don't get a proper answer, so have a heart and give a guy a good answer, okay--?!

Alright, here it is:

...October is next month. October is Halloween. Back home, never did go trick-or-treating because it was honestly an American ideal, you know? But look--look--

We're here now, right?? Do you think it'd be awful for an imPort to go trick or treating?? [He leans into the phone a little, a hand to his mouth, like he's imparting a secret.]

Or d'ya wanna make a group an' go trick or treating with me?
Promise I won't use my superspeed t'get more candies than you guys, alright??
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[Pacifica isn't quite ready for her 'grand entrance' on the network, so to speak, which is why this is just text, mid-morning. Eventually she will make said glorious first impression. She hopes. But she has to be ready first.]

Okay, so. Hi. I'm new to this ridiculousness and I've got some questions.

First, did anybody else's powers not come with any directions? I figured out one of them, but the other two don't make any sense or have like, any hints how to use them. At all. Which is stupid.

I mean, I'm sure I can figure it out eventually but...who know how long that could take.

[Not that she likes asking for help, but she was tired of banging her head against this particular wall.]

Right, and the other thing, do we have to do the job on our papers? 'cause student I'm great at but the other one sounds ridiculous. And like, beneath me. Really beneath me.

I am nobody's golf club shiner.
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Okay, so this superhero gig? Best. Thing. Ever!

[Each word is accompanied by animated hand gestures and unnecessary head bobbing. Better get used to it.]

Yo, this is frickin’ awesome! I mean, I wanted to defend the law and all, but this? This is better than all the wet dreams I’ve ever had! And, phew! I’ve had some great ones. Madonna? She may be old, but that chick can get it.

[Why is he gesturing to the viewer like he won an Oscar or something? What the hell is his problem?]

Some guys wouldn’t be caught dead walking around in spandex and a pair of tighty-whities, but… You can’t deny that this bodacious badonkadonk-

[Asher sets the device on the table in front of him, doing a twirl for the camera. Oh god, is that a booty pop? It is. Someone stop this man.]

Would look great in a supersuit.


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