Feb. 14th, 2015 01:40 pm
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Uh. A few things. For everyone who saw Ramir's previous- er. Message. I'm fine, everything is fine. I just happened to discover one of my powers wasn't very... fortunate. But I'm okay now, everyone is okay. Sorry to worry anyone.

Secondly, if anyone needs any self-defense training, I'll be more than happy to help. In light of recent events, I would be elated to be able to help anyone feel more safe and secure.

Lastly, I am pleased to announce I will be opening a spiritual cleansing and homeopathic shop soon in Heropa. If anyone is curious, I will be happy to answer any questions on the matter.

I see we've got a nice flood of new arrivals, for those of you who I've not met, my name is Drift. I look forward to making your acquaintance.


Jan. 11th, 2015 06:53 pm
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I need an expert in felines.
The one that was given to me won't stop hissing and clawing either my furniture, carpet, or alternatively me.
And my clothing.

What am I doing wrong, exactly?
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Okay, so I'm still trying to understand this Christmas thing. [She has been looking up so much junk on search engines. So much.] I know we're supposed to give people we like gifts and junk, but I can't really figure out what gifts are best. [Some sites say joke gifts, others say something personal is best, some just don't think it's important and that the holiday is a big load of butts, and also the word 'fruitcake' seemed to come up quite a bit.]

I guess something meaningful and nice would probably be the best thing, but that doesn't really help if you don't know what's meaningful and nice for whoever you're getting a gift for. I know you could ask, but just asking somebody what they want kind of takes the fun out of it, right? [It seems like it would.] And I'm not sure guessing would really work out well, either.

... Also, does anybody know where somebody can safely melt a bunch of metal? I need to know because. [Um.] Yeah.

[Good job not being completely obvious about what you're planning on doing, FP.]
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[Standing ontop of what appears to be a court house, holding the camera down, looking up, giving his appearance a much more intimidating look, not that he needs it at all. He stands with his head high, in his black and gold Goku Uniform.]

[A deep intake of breath, through his nose, nostrils flaring. A big breath in big lungs to fuel some big words. You miss Gamagori's network posts, everyone? It's been a little while, hasn't it?]

GREETINGS NETWORK VIEWERS, imports of all kinds, THIS IS GAMAGORI IRA, Registered imPort and CAPE CANAVERAL BOOT CAMP INSTRUCTOR. I am here with a brief announcement.

[It's strange, even if you don't care about what he has to say, the man's voice calls to you, makes you listen to him, makes you wait for what he's going to say next. Sure- it's loud, in your face, confident- but there's something else about it that makes you give him your attention.]

There will be a holiday gathering at The Red Branch in Maurita Falls, Pennsylvania open to all and is being hosted by the import Moses Sandor. Free food, festivities, and room and board for the nights after will be offered to those that attend. The event will be taking place during the 24th and 25th, with available time to assist in preparations up to the 23rd! Assisting nor reserving is mandatory, but should you wish to help contact Moses Sandor via his personal voicemail, questions now? Please direct them here and they will be answered accordingly, but remain patient. The party should be looked at as a time of leisure and celebration, please do not consider any of this obligatory but bring both your good cheer and desire to MINGLE and RELAX!

Thank you for your attention and Happy Holidays! It has been some time since I have spoken to the network personally, I am happy to see many of you doing well, and should you find yourself not during this holiday season, I am always open to ask for assistance of any kind! I will not rest until I amend your troubles during this month or any to come! Thank you again for your attention and greetings to those whom I have yet to meet and speak to since your arrival.

[Link to the event is here. Feel free to post any time, and if you have OOC questions, lemme know or hit up Moses mun.]


Dec. 21st, 2014 06:01 pm
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[Wing appears on the network looking as thoughtfully calm as always. This is merely a clever deception, however, as he is, in fact, in a lot of pain. Not that he'd openly admit that, but he does have a very important question he wishes to ask the organics of this world.]

Let's say, hypothetically, you are a human who has a pair of wings, and you injure one of those wings in a reckless bridge-diving exercise. Would you go to the doctors for such an injury, or a veterinarian?

[He's been mulling over this for about two hours now. It's been a very long process.]

This is all hypothetical, mind you. But not so hypothetical that immediate answers won't be appreciated.

[Locked to Fulcrum and Ratchet]

Greetings friends! I've got something for you! Consider it a "Christmas" gift. That's what the locals call it!


Dec. 14th, 2014 08:10 pm
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I have NO idea what Christmas is, but I totally want to take part in it! So far, my understanding of it is that you give presents, drink eggs, kill trees and put them in your home and decorate them, and bake stuff! Sounds like my kind of thing! Except for the killing trees thing, that sounds wrong.

So I want to decorate my place with festive stuff. What should my list be? I'm sorta new to this and all.
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All right, so I'm going to be honest here. I haven't really ever seriously dated until now.

I know, real shocking. That-- that would be sarcasm. I mean, what with a four million year long war, that doesn't really cater to a life of romance for most of us. Anyway. I need a bit of advice.

I, uh. I really want to do my best to impress my boyfriend. He's sweet and friendly and really, really incredible and I want to make this work. I really don't want to screw this up, so hopefully a few of you have had some experience in dating.

Like, I dunno. Date suggestions? Methods to impress said boyfriend? I'm not sure I could really do this the Decepticon way. He kinda might take offense.
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[It had taken him a few tries to get his video to work without the awkward shuffling of trying to get himself properly in frame or the audio cutting in abruptly as he mistimed the start of the recording (it looked like a iPhone, but it certainly didn't act like one). But he finally manages, a smiling face--albeit a little strained--greeting the camera.]

Hello everyone. Well...uh, my name is Makoto Tachibana and I am new here it seems. I don't exactly understand what is going on and [There's a pause, and Makoto can be seen wringing his wrist a bit.] I was told that if I wanted to know more, or get a real feel of what my purpose for being here is that the communicators were the best place to start. I wish I could be a little more specific with what I need help with, but everything has been confusing so I don't really know where to even begin. So...sorry about that.

[The smile twists into an embarrassed grimace, and a strained chuckle huffs from his lungs.]

Also...if anyone could direct me to a hardware shop in the city...uh, I would really appreciate that as well! I'm in Residence...026, if that helps. Thank you again.

[He had already broken two doorknobs and one of the drawers to his dresser, and it would be nice to maybe fix them before his apparent roommates came home. Or at least he was pretty sure other people were living here with him as well.]
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[The feed clicks on, a little too close to a deeply disgruntled and slightly uncomfortable face. Ratchet pulls the phone back, scowling.]

Great. Like I didn't have enough things to do.

[He picks up his file, shaking it at the camera, and his lip curls slightly.]

I have no idea what the hell half of this means, but I suspect I'm going to find out. In the meantime, does anyone actually know how we got here? Or how... our bodies may have been potentially altered? [That last is a little cagey. The last time he was on Earth--and this does seem to be Earth, even if it's a little weird--most of the humans were not terribly Cybertronian-friendly.] Either way, this registered/unregistered business is a load of slag--if anyone needs medical attention, I'm in Residence #036, I'll see what I can do.

And, not to inspire a fit of overconfidence in anyone, but if there's a good place to brush up on medical procedures and general practice around here, I'd appreciate it if somebody would let me know.
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[the video opens on snow. she brushes back a stray hair, and manages a smile. it's almost natural-looking -- besides the slight, worried knit in her brows.] Hi. This looks like where all the imPort conversation goes on, so I thought it'd be polite to introduce myself.

I'm Snow White. Yes, the same Snow White you're thinking of, since it... doesn't really seem like keeping it a secret here is going to work. [her smile gets a little tighter around the edges.] Let's leave it at that I'm not the biggest fan of the Brothers Grimm, and I have enough trouble making woodland creatures file their taxes, let alone mop or dust. I'm much prouder of the work I do back home for our government than anything in the fairytales.

I can't say I'm happy about being here, and I imagine none of you are, either. But, since I don't seem to have a choice [is that a hint of bitterness???] I'll have make the best of it. I'm starting with getting to know all of you. [her voice is sincere on that note, at least, even if she doesn't sound super jazzed to be here.]


Nov. 12th, 2014 06:32 pm
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So, anyone know anywhere that’s hiring? I think I may have just lost my job. [ There’s a distinct and intense amount of bitterness in Ellie’s voice and the quasi-British accent of hers is slightly thicker than it normally sounds. ] For some reason my boss decided that taking a place called Tattlecrime seriously was a bloody brilliant idea and no amount of logic was going to get him to see otherwise. [ A beat ] Your eyes are two different colors, Langford and you've never explained that, he said. Lends some credibility to the story he said, also makes me look a bit suspicious.

[ She puts up air quotes before she starts talking again and when she does speak she sounds even more annoyed. Who knew that was possible at this point? ] We’re going to ask you to go on leave while we order up some tests for you to go through. We’ll also need you to fill out some forms in regards to your eye and the origins of the infection spoken about.

[ She runs a hand through her hair and slumped her shoulders slightly. ]

I don’t think he liked the story of how I lost my eye. Or of what the infection actually was. [ Maybe she shouldn't have lost her temper so much. ] Doesn't really matter I guess, I don’t think I’ll be going back. [ She’s also not sure if they’d let her back in... ]


Nov. 10th, 2014 01:33 pm
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Now, I'll admit, I've been fairly negative in the past concerning a lot of matters. Whether it's been about my powers or about the body I've been trapped in or the situation in general. I'm grateful to the people who have been helpful, some of you in kind of a roundabout way and others more directly. I'm not complaining about either method. Most of you have been pretty great.

Being forced into this situation and on this planet as I have, it's really given me a new perspective and a certain appreciation for other species. Honestly, my previous feelings were less than complimentary. I get that. I had a lot of learning to do, and I probably still do. I've really come to terms with organic species now. I've made friends with a lot of you! That's something I never saw myself doing a few months ago.

So I just want to say that I don't see you guys as organics. I see you all as people.
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If you would like- choose the question you'd prefer to answer the most and answer it. I have reasons to find ways to burn time, and you'd be helping me out quite a lot if you answered, so thank you if you reply. [Obvious smile in the words, but the smooth voice does have a slightly- tired tone to it.]

If you could do any one thing with no strings attached, no consequences, and nothing holding you back- what would it be?


What is your biggest regret and do you think it taught you anything?


What skill or ability do you have that gives you the most pride?


Do you have a favorite type of candy and if so, what is it?

Or lastly, what is your most preferred way of passing the time?

['Passing the time' is becoming increasingly difficult the longer he's locked away to rot, so time to try something new. Not only that, but it'll show he's trying to make an effort at ridding himself of those evil idle hands he seems to have and trying to become a better person... Though he supposes, if anyone has anything good to say he might actually find something to do once he's free. Instead of- well- What he shouldn't be doing.]

[It more is a way of reading people though. Testing them. Depending on what answer they choose and how they decide to answer it- besides the answer itself- will tell him a lot about them. What questions they avoid, how much information is given. You can learn so much from a person from that alone.]

[That and he's a naturally curious person who enjoys idle chit chat. And while there's many things going on in the world right now, they're far from him where he is now.]
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[ sitting on what looks to be like the front steps of any typical heropa government housing, abigail is, for once, sans scarf. her long dark hair still manages to hide her ears, but her pale throat is still visible. visible enough that the still angry red scar on the left side of her throat is very obvious. ]

If you were used to hiding something, what would you do to... [ she licks her lips, seeming to struggle to figure out the right word. ] Emphasize it?

[ is it obvious enough that she means her scar? she hopes so because she just signs off with that. ]
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[At 8:45 PM on November 3rd, this message is broadcast to all Import devices. The video shows a flickering feed of security cameras in some swanky lounge. As the camera shifts, six people can be seen in and around the lounge, in various emotional states:

- Abigail Hobbs
- Annie Leonhart
- Kate Kane
- Siegmund Heissenrech
- Anna
- Rampage

Finally, the voice of The Manipulator comes over the line.

Attention, all Import citizens of Heropa. This is The Manipulator speaking.

Here, you can see there are currently seven people in the top floor lounge of The Lift in downtown Heropa. Six of them are innocents. Six lives. Six hostages who may be dead by tomorrow morning.

Unless one of you has the guts to save them.

[The camera feed flicks around appropriately to show the security system, the room's entrances and exits, and whatever else he talks about.]

Let's break it down nice and simple.

The lounge is secured by an alarm, doors and windows-- one that you won't be able to turn off without my knowledge or my help. If it goes off, the hostages will die. If anyone attempts to enter or leave the lounge, the hostages will die. If anyone sets foot on the 15th floor of this building without my express say-so, the hostages will die.

But you don't need to sit around and accept this loss of life. You can stop it. Only one person needs to die tonight to end this.

The seventh person. Me.

[And now the camera flickers to show a brief glimpse of a silhouetted person- someone in plain clothes, wearing a black mask over his face.]

One of you so-called heroes has fifteen minutes to get to the rooftop of this building. There, your only task is a simple one... you're going to kill me. Get rid of me permanently. End this hell of an existence of mine once and for all.

No mercy. No tricks. Just you and me and your powers, and the death that I was denied ten years ago.

[The shot goes back to the lounge and the hostages within.]

If your powers don't work on me, I'll understand. Nothing else has worked so far. And I'm really not unreasonable. We'll just have to try someone else. Every hour. On the hour.

And if some hour passes and nobody shows up to take me on, then one hostage dies. You've got six whole tries to figure this out before we run out of hostages.

But remember. I don't need to kill anyone. Nobody innocent needs to suffer tonight. Only one person needs to die to put an end to this.

So come get me.

[And the feed ends.]

((ooc: All replies will come from "The Manipulator," not "Yomiel."))
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[SO THINGS HAVE BEEN SHITTY LATELY, but today is a Very Important Day, and Kotetsu is 1000% determined to be cheerful and have fun and make sure a certain someone also has fun. And maybe also make him regret his life and choices a lil bit. Shhh. Hence, a post! Kotetsu's wearing a big ol' dopey grin as he addresses the feed, and if he looks a little tired, a little worn, well, he's ignoring the hell out of that and you should too.]

Yo! So I'm sure everyone's excited for Halloween--which, you should be, it's a badass holiday, and candy is awesome--but there's something else pretty cool goin' on today too. It's Barnaby's birthday! Barnaby Brooks Jr.

He's a boring old man who doesn't like parties, so you guys should just wish him on here instead!

--Oh, and if you'd be interested in getting him a present, he likes rabbit-themed stuff. The Bunnier the better~!

[He regrets absolutely nothing.]


Oct. 29th, 2014 08:36 am
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I am having a serious crisis, and I need help. Hopefully a network full of heroes can provide some kind of relief to a desperate spark in need.

[ oh, sure, he's heard of things like... explosions, death, political debates, and benefits being cut (that's super annoying, actually), but really, there's just one Most Important matter at hand: ]

I think they've stopped making my favorite kind of hair gel. I can't find it anywhere, and trust me, I've checked every store. Shouldn't there be -- I don't know, warehouses full of it somewhere out there? Isn't that how these things work? It doesn't matter -- I need more of it, pronto! Do you have any idea how difficult it is to keep looking as good as I do without hair gel?!

There'll be some kind of reward in it for you if you can help me out, I'll figure that out later -- just give me a hand here, someone!


Oct. 29th, 2014 08:05 am
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I'm super ready to quit this place.

I know it's not possible but I don't think I can quite focus on how done I am. I can't stay in my real body and there are people after us and the government is-- is stupid and I'm so sick of accidentally making things or p-people explode and I just...!

How the hell do any of you manage?


Oct. 28th, 2014 04:43 pm
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I know that we're all kind of in the same boat here about the kidnapping and things, but do any of you have someone back home who matters to you a lot that you wished were here with you? It's sort of a selfish thing to want I think, because my super special friend would hate it here with every fibre of his being. But I know that I'd really feel a lot better. Besides, it's not really that bad here.

[His optics glow with sudden excitement as the most awesome question ever pops up in his mind.]

Oh, oh! I've been meaning to ask you organics! What's your favourite food? Organics do have favourites right?

[He's been an organic for months but fuck if he knows much about them.]


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