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[Francis opens the post holding this invitation.] Hello, my fellow imPorts. [He smiles as if laughing at his own phrasing before shrugging.] Lend me your ears, would you?

You may or may not have received this [he indicates the invitation he's holding] in the mail. But i realise that not everyone lives where the government puts them, so I'll make sure you all know about it here.

It's an invitation to a little masquerade and everyone who wants to come can. Entirely voluntary, I feel I must stress, considering the last party hosted at this hotel [he says the name] wasn't quite as free. If anyone wants an invitation, they can come to my office, but all you really need are your best clothes, whatever they might be [catering for the varying incomes], and a mask of some description. Nothing too hot, because I'm expecting a crowd and I wouldn't want you to overheat! 

We all deserve a little R and R and the hotel deserved the business and their reputation restored, so I hope you all can come!
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[There's an image of the beach and a black and white Border collie running along it. And a young woman's voice comes on.]

It's been over a year since I arrived here in this world. I came with my two best friends. They've both gone home now.

[A pause as the dog runs up to her with a soggy, battered tennis ball in its mouth. The dog politely hands the icky ball over and it's thrown, sending the dog after the the ball with a bark. Convveniently, Zoey's given Winry a chance to take a breath.]

I'm no closer in finding a way home. I don't know anyone who is, whether they've ported out for good or come back time and again.

[Another pause as Zoey runs back with the ball again. Winry takes it from her and tosses it into the surf.]

Today is another day for everyone but for some special people back home, it meant something. It still does. It's a promise.

[Zoey returns a third time, sandy and wet and oh so happy and when Winry doesn't take the ball fast enough, she drops it and barks.]
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This has been a month in the making, and I finally am secure enough to not only announce, but begin the preparations for this endeavor.

In my own world, I am not frequently called upon to be a healer. There are others who are far more skilled than I, although I bring my own gifts where I can and am able. Here, however, I have been gifted with a powerful healing ability, and I feel it is my responsibility to lay aid where I may.

I have seen that many of us - imPorts, I mean to say - are oft not able to receive aid because we do not treat with the authorities. I find this practice odd, for we have not come here on our own volition, and we cannot expect to agree with the way the authorities do business.

As a result, I have thought it might be prudent to open a small hospit for the treatment of those imPorts. I have worked on this with Mr. Hundred, in De Chima, at his community center for imPorts, and I feel this plan will be implemented well, but I seek assistance.

I need more healers, by power or by training, who would be willing to give their time to aid. At this moment I cannot pay, so it would be time freely given, but I am in great spirits and think that shortly I should be able to assist monetarily.

I am also in need of funds. If there is charity in your spirit and in your heart for this endeavor, and you cannot aid in service, then I would be grateful to accept any largesse.

And so, please, if you have any ideas, or would wish to help, I should ask you to please speak to me on this matter, and I will gladly accept any offers you may have.
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[ While the video switches on, there's something of a hesitation before the man holding the communicator actually lifts it to show more than the chest of the pinstripe suit he's wearing.

Finally, Harvey raises it up to his face: the familiar (to some, not all) bisection of scarring is plain to see, the handsome right side with its one alert blue eye and thick coif of hair a stark contrast to the savage red burns that have razed the left side, and kept the hair there white and deadened. His expression is a neutral mask for a long, weighted span of moments, before his eyebrow lowers down over his good eye.

My name is Harvey Dent. Some of you may know me already -- I'm a Public Defender in Heropa, former District Attorney of Gotham City. While that may seem neither here nor there, it brings me to my next point. No... my entire point.

[ He falls briefly quiet again, then gestures to his face. The elephant in the room, as it were. ]

Masks off. Don't be alarmed; everything's fine... before anyone decides to jump to conclusions.

This is me -- a face of justice broken down and left for dead. Someone that once believed in cleaning his city of corruption, but now... no, since, I realized that had been my first mistake all along. What the world needs is balance, not saving -- if it can't be right it can still be fair.

That's still my priority. I'm not going to hide it any longer, regardless of who still wants to call me crazy for it; that's why I undid my facial reconstruction, to prove that I'm serious. To make it clear that as a lawyer, balance of consequence is as important as balance of representation.

So no, I'm not resigning. I'm not c-- [ He stops short and laughs briefly, seeming to change his mind about that sentence, and there's an off-screen metallic clinking sort of sound. ] Where justice is concerned, an impartial voice is more necessary than you'd think. Such a heated subject, as of late.

[ He smiles in a calm-but-uneven way, as much as his mangled lips will allow, and holds a business card up to the camera; it shows the business address for his practice, as well as his phone number. 'Walk-ins welcome!' it reads amiably. ]

Remember: That's Harvey.

Harvey Dent.

[04] Voice

Sep. 7th, 2015 10:03 pm
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[ So even though the feed opens up, Walt doesn't talk for a moment or so. There's a sharp inhale and it's accompanied by a piteous cough. And then after a couple minute pause, he starts talking -- sounding rather relaxed. ]

Today was my birthday.

[ A beat. Nonchalant. ]

But it's also my death anniversary. How many people can say that? Their life came a full and complete circle, starting and ending all on the same day? I mean, what are the chances? Pretty crazy, that.

[ Another brief pause. Another follow up cough. When he speaks, his voice is a little strained. ]

I mean like, this whole world. What an insane concept, right? To think that our own individual worlds are just this tiny fraction of all the different worlds out there -- some with crazy powers or vampires or Satan. We have Satan. Does anyone ever stop to think about that? How Satan has a TV show? I mean, I guess...what a better way to say welcome to hell than Satan with his own TV show. I've never actually watched it, mind. But I imagine it probably involves burning people alive.

But following that thought -- I still think this place is hell. I mean, I can't be the only dead guy walking here, can I? And it's definitely not heaven. My therapist called it purgatory once.

[ A beat. ]

Purgatory is kind of accurate. Sometimes he knows what he's talking about. All of us just sitting here and waiting -- to either go home and die for good or to do whatever it is we do here. I mean, we can't die. There's a definite statistical likelihood that we come back to life if we get killed, so do we age? I'm 53 today, but am I not really 53? Am I eternally 52 until I die again? Do I die again? Or do I just live an endless loop of my life -- dying, coming here, dying coming here until some otherworldly being makes up their mind?

Maybe that's what Satan's show is about. Collecting as many of us that belong in hell and dragging us back with him. That's a pretty morbid thought, isn't it?

[ So why is Walt laughing. Why is Walt laughing like it's the most hilarious thing in the world? Why is he laughing at all? What was he laughing at again?

The laughter dies. ]

What was I talking about again? [ But it's lost. ] Anyway, I just want to know. Is there anyone else out there who died? Bonus if you died on your birthday. Might be good to talk about it. Therapeutic. And I'm here to listen. We can talk here or in person. If anyone wants to go with me to get birthdeath day breakfast for dinner, that could be a thing. That we do.
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Since it seems as though Kate Bishop has left us, I've gone ahead and drawn up a copy of her FAQ. You can now find it here. Considering she clearly put effort into making and keeping track of this, it's not something I'm prepared to let to go to waste. In the same vein as when she first shared this, if you think I left out something important, let me know so it can be added. Comments, questions, or remarks are welcome.

[not really but it pays to be polite]
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So... I guess it's been a while since I posted here. Hi.

I just thought I'd... get in touch with everyone. It's been kind of crazy lately, so I wanted to make sure everyone was okay.

[There's an audible mew from somewhere offscreen and suddenly the frame is knocked sideways, then flat, pointing up at the ceiling. A kitten peers into it, and Riku sighs quietly, reaching over to gather the little black cat to him and, with the other hand, readjust the feed.]

Oh. Um, this is Atoli, formerly known as Nevermore. I got her from the Pines. She's pretty cute.

[He looks thoughtful for a moment, then nods.]

I've also decided to start holding swimming lessons for imPorts, so if you're interested, I'll be holding sessions at the Nonah training facility's pool. They're free, so if you can't swim, you can send me a message.

That's it, I think. Let me know, okay?


Aug. 1st, 2015 01:32 am
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[When video turns on, Jaime doesn't exactly greet the network with a smile, but he doesn't look distinctly unhappy either -- just a little contemplative, in his own way. He still gives the screen a little wave, though, seated comfortably at his desk. It's where he winds up posting most of the time.]

Hey, guys. I was thinking about something the other day, and I figure some people here might have answers. See, back home, me and my family? We went to Church every Sunday, but once I got here...

[He just shrugs with a tiny grimace that says every excuse anyone ever has, but really boils down to: he got lazy.]

Nnnnnnot so much. But I figure that other people here must've gone to something back home, like a Mosque, or Synagogue, or whatever five thousand other religions there's gotta be. Has anyone actually bothered trying to keep it up once you got here? It's probably harder if your religion isn't an Earth religion, but I'm sure you guys have ways of keeping it up. I feel like it'd be kinda hard to just pop into a Church somewhere too, like they'll make as big a deal out of the whole imPort thing as everyone else here.

[He pauses for a second, looking as if he's going to say something, but he seems to change his mind halfway through.]

Oh! And I know there are some people around here who are technically Gods, like we've got at home? But they're still kind of... well, not human, but, I guess, available? Like the New Gods? [He flaps one hand at the camera.] Thaaaat's not really the sort of religious thing I'm talking about, but maybe you guys have your own rituals too.

3 - text

Aug. 1st, 2015 06:39 pm
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hey ppl . ppl i kno & ppl i dont kno. havnt said hey 2 evrybody in a long time. sry bout that. rly should say hey more ofen. just dont usualy have anything else 2 say u kno ? like u cant just b like


& then put that on the net

ppld b like wat ?
cant just say hey dude
gotta say sumthin else

&thats my prob. nuthin else 2 say. xcept 2day ! 2day ive been here 1 yr. 1 yr minus 1 month. hopin i dont lose dec this yr. i like dec. gonna b my kids 1st bday in dec. still dont kno if kids a boy or girl. if gov decides 2 give xmas presents 2 imports mayb they could send sum info getin god machene 2 my world 4 me. get that info. a dads gotta kno u kno. but id setl 4 just getin 2 see dec. not picky.

anyway other stuff. lost my phone thing 4 a wile there. thoght sumbody stole it. but then i found it undr my new bed. doesnt mean it wasnt stoln. sumbody or sumbodys like a group of ppl ( & im not sayin the gov i mean more like a bunch of rusians go usa ) coulda taken it & checkd whats on it & then put it back. mayb a group of ppl do that w / all the phone things. wile ur sleepin or w / ur girl or guy or w /e . ( im still sayin rusians not gov ) ( rly sneeky rusians )

guess thats all 4 now. nice 2 meet u newer not here 4 1 yr minus 1 month ppl. im mike. i kno it says that on my mesages but i still like sayin it.

And to keep people from thinking my brain is quitting on me here is me typing normal and using the spell checker.

( takes 4ever 2 txt like that )

[03] Video

Jul. 4th, 2015 08:33 am
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[ The video feed starts with Walt in a room in his Heropa home, an open box on the bed filled with Kaylee's things -- coveralls neatly folded and tucked inside, wrenches and other tools laid delicately on top...the whole process seems exceedingly painful for him as with each item he pulls out of the closet, the efforts become slow and labored. ]

I don't know who knew Kaylee Frye. If you didn't, you should have. I've never met anyone so genuinely cheerful and kind. She was the sunshine in this dark, cloudy world.

[ There's a very sad, forlorn smile. This feels more like a funeral, like saying goodbye to someone who passed away. And in some cases it's worse -- them vanishing to another universe, never to remember their time here, never to be seen again. ]

She helped me when she didn't have to. She cared when she shouldn't have. She took care of me when I couldn't take care of myself. And what did she expect in return? Nothing.

[ With a long pause, it's very clear Walt is trying to maintain his composure. A breath in and a breath out. ]

I hoped I was wrong. I hoped to god I was wrong. That her disappearance was only temporary. But it's been a few weeks, and there's been no sign of her returning. I will miss her. Every day I will miss her. I already do.

This world -- it's done nothing but take things away. From me. From everyone else. Can you honestly say you've gained anything from being here?

[ Walt goes to reach into the closet for one of the final items and his hand twitches back. The sadness in the lines of his face increases as he pulls out a wrapped present -- a card reading: To Mr. White.

That's when Walt can't hold it back anymore. He sits on the edge of the bed, pulls the square-shaped present to his chest and cries. ]

10, Video

Jun. 23rd, 2015 01:14 pm
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This is Major-General Olivier Armstrong.

The government has finally signed off on the RISE initiative: Rogue Import Suppression Enforcement. Several of you have spoken to me about this beforehand, others have not. For those who don't know, RISE will be working alongside local law enforcement to apprehend dangerous imPorts who pose a threat to innocent civilians and try them according to local law.

I'm in need of field agents with tracking and combat abilities to work in tandem with native police to apprehend suspects, and those capable of building and prosecuting cases in accordance with this place's law. Unsettled imPorts are welcome to work in the latter function, but will be prohibited from operating in the field. [And she doesn't sound entirely happy about this! But she keeps her emotions otherwise in check.]

There will be a recruitment event this week. Field applicants will have to face a military obstacle course and spar with a native combat instructor. All applicants, whether field or judicial, must be cleared for duty following a psychiatric evaluation by Dr. Frederick Chilton.

I look forward to working with you.

(OOC: The OOC Sign-Ups / Information sheet for RISE is live and can be found here!)
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[Crane notices the willingness to discuss Father's Day amongst the community - sons have lost their fathers, and fathers have been torn from their daughters and sons. To say certain imPorts were angry about the separation; that didn't even begin to describe it.

So today, there's the opportunity to research. Father's Day offers everything he's looking for. The ritual tradition has transformed the collective human subconscious and is an annual display of feelings. Denial. Aggression. Love. All emotions that originate from one source, one word.

And that word is fear.

His tone is soft and hypnotic, with a slight lilt. It's the gentle tone he uses on his patients when he wants them to talk.]

A proverb says, "When a father gives to his son, both laugh; when a son gives to his father, both cry."

[Crane taps his comm against his knee, and then he rests it on his desk and folds his hands in his lap. He licks his lips, once - and clicks his tongue in his cheek. He crosses his right leg and sinks into his chair. These are the those parts of his body language that nobody can see or hear, but are thoroughly expected to those revealed to the man he is. He's prepared to weather any open confrontation.]

Humans cry tears of joy and tears of sorrow. But for each person who begins to weep, another one stops.

I suppose it is the warmth of the relationship that makes fathers and sons cry.

[A pause. His voice remains soft and calming.]

If any of you find today difficult, I am willing to lend a confidential ear.

[Happy Father's Day.]
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[Kaylee looks like she's been working already, even though it's morning; she has a pair of sturdy goggles resting on her head, and her face is sweaty and smudged with oil and dirt. However, she's as cheerful as ever.]

I been workin' on a project, and it's got me to thinking about something. Now, I ain't from Earth- I'm from the future... well, I guess it should be a future where humans left her behind and settled elsewhere. I live and travel on a spaceship, and while it's totally normal for me... I'm kinda at a loss sometimes as to how to explain it to folks who don't even know there's somethin' beyond the sky.

It's somethin' that comes up for me a lot, so... other folks who know about space traveling, how would you talk about it?
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[Chilton wears an unusually grim expression, when he tunes into the Network. He closes his office door behind him, which angled the communicator down to his door-closing hand -- one of his fingers sports a particularly ancient looking ring. There's a sharp glint in that glimpse, before the camera angle soon directs back to the doctor's face.]

Desirable difficulty. Are you familiar with the concept? [Rhetorical, of course.] The theory that the presence of an inconvenience or obstacle, and the act of overcoming that roadblock, will better synthesize cerebral information. The concept could be expanded upon how the brain identifies and encodes patterns, themes, what have you, in the midst of a crisis.

[Chilton flips the communicator camera back around to showcase his environment. The bright ceiling luminescence and mint green hallways of Heropa Downtown Hospital provide a sterilized, if normalized, depiction of a stereotypical medical center.

It's the collapsed, unconscious doctors with their noose-like stethoscopes and limp, unmoving patients lining the walls, floor, the rooms that juxtapose something unsettling.

Would you consider this difficulty desirable?

[This is all in reference to the Pestilence of the Horseman Plot. If you need an excuse for a point of infection, you can consider this to be it!]

001 | video

Jun. 2nd, 2015 09:33 am
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[The man seated uneasily in front of the camera probably looks familiar to anyone who knew or knew of Saul Goodman, ex-defense attorney and daytime TV judge extraordinaire. He has the same face, mostly, save for the abundance of hair on his head (which is sticking up just slightly, like he's been exposed to a stiff breeze or, in his case, static electricity) and fewer wrinkles around his eyes than anyone who got close enough to him might remember. And his smile, just like Saul's, is playfully crooked — though it's laced with a nervousness that doesn't really fit the image Saul projected whenever he had an audience. This man isn't as confident as his older lookalike, that much is clear, nor is he as brightly dressed. (A white dress shirt and a bland, striped tie are all that's currently visible.)

But he has that same ol' sparkle in his eye, and he straightens up a bit as soon as he's ready to speak, which is a habit anyone would recognize: that sudden shift from casual to professional Saul made any time he approached the bench or a business meeting.

And as for his voice — that's the same, too.

This is almost definitely Saul Goodman, but:]

Hiya. The name's Jimmy McGill. James, technically, but — I prefer Jimmy.

[He lifts his hands into view. Saul's trademark (fake) Rolex and gold pinky ring are missing, but that's because they're obscured by a pair of heavy-duty electrical gloves.]

I've got a little problem on my hands, pun only halfheartedly intended. [A laugh, one quick huff of air. Saul's laugh: Heh.] Seems the powers that be decided I should have the ability to manipulate power itself. Electricity, I mean. More specifically — [A brief pause, a swallow. He tries to play it off; there's no reason this word should bother him.] Electromagnetism. So, since I have no idea how to control an honest-to-God superpower because they're not really real where I come from, this is... uh, it's an issue. Anyone got any tips? Tricks? Ways to wake up, maybe?

[He smiles again, this time thin-lipped and a little desperate. It looks like he's on the verge of panic.]

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[This isn't even purposely filmed. It starts with a start, when Ed jumps at the sound of the alarm, accidentally hitting the phone in his pocket, letting out a curse. Initially it's just the dark material of his clothing seen, the blaring of the security alarm of the library going off at some ridiculous hour of the morning. A certain alchemist is nothing if not stubborn and impatient, you see. And this one guy just had to wait until after Ed left the library for home to return this particular book Ed's been after for like a month.

Clearly the best way to deal with this once he manages to find out is to take the book before this happens again and someone else gets the book out before him. Because someone has no clue on actually doing this online to reserve the book for him, that would be too simple. Plus he was barely able to even check if the book was available in the first place, given how behind they are back home with technology and him still learning this stuff even after a year in Heropa.]

What?! The hell is this? Dammit! I just wanted this one book!

[Yeah, give him a minute as he actually deigns to check the time, finally noticing that his phone is on and recording all this. Oops? Just in case anyone couldn't already tell who this was from his voice as he just stares and then glares at the phone's camera. Feel free to yell at him for making such a ruckus at insane hours, or just laugh at this impatient nerd and his desire for research materials.]
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[ Hey, everyone. It's Walt. You may remember this guy from such videos as drunk posting in his underwear. But in case you don't (and hopefully you don't), Walt is fully clothed this time. He still looks every bit as weary as his video debut, but at least he isn't drunk. That's a plus. ]

I apologize in advance for any inconvenience. It seems as though the Heropa pharmacy was caught up in whatever chaos erupted in the city and suffered some damages. We will be closed until further notice, but I will be doing my best to ensure prescriptions still get out to everyone who used my pharmacy to have them filled. We have a sister pharmacy that has temporarily taken on accounts here in Heropa. Though if it's more convenient for imPorts, I can have things forwarded to the other imPort cities.

Repairs have already begun, so I don't anticipate us being closed for over a couple weeks. If anyone wants to offer their assistance in helping rebuild the damaged sections, it would be greatly appreciated. Otherwise, I hope everyone has been well and continues to be well now that the worst of this is all behind us.

[ video ]

May. 1st, 2015 04:39 am
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So Emma's - Emma Frost, I mean - She's gone. I think. It's been like a week now, and I dunno if she got sick or... Anyway, I tried looking around for like a will or instructions or whatever but I can't find anything that says what the hell she wanted to do with this place if she ever went missing.

Which means... I guess... The Xavier School's gonna have to close. Unless there's somebody else out there who's got some experience running a school, 'cause I sure as hell don't.

Anybody living in the dorms: don't worry, okay, we're good to keep living here. Financially, at least, everything's paid for and they won't be shutting off the water or the lights or anything. It's just classes are cancelled. Indefinitely, I guess. or 'til we find a new Headmaster.

Okay, aside from that, I'm still around if anybody needs healing. Don't worry about infecting me. I'm good.
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[Pristine is how Crane appears when he flicks on the video feed; it's a lovely display of smoke and mirrors that he's pulling off, after the events of the last three days. He has a clean, elegant, ascetic appearance - and enough calm professionalism to mask his excitement.]

You're all handling this outbreak remarkably well. It seems you're all keeping to the boundaries of the law, as the Major-General expects you to. That's a good thing, mind. It would be terrible news to hear people have been shot for breaking quarantine.

Anyway, I am here to help if this event has caused you psychological distress. I am a doctor, after all.

[A pause, and he tucks in his chin and folds his hands in his lap. He half-closes his eyes.]

Fears and phobias are my specialty, and there is much to fear in this situation.

[His head comes back up. He's staring at the lens.]

Be that as it may, fear is something everybody needs. It keeps you safe and keeps you on your toes. It will do you all well to remember that. That it's good to know we must always feel a little scared. It's good to see that most of you haven't submitted to bravado and dagger-tongued bragging.

[The corners of his lips lift in a boyish smile. He tilts his head slightly. His voice is disarmingly gentle. His soft inflection on 'most of you' is meant for one person in particular.]

And I wouldn't like to think that those with guts would put everyone in danger. I trust everyone to make the best decisions for each other in combating this disease.

It would be terrifying to think we couldn't trust each other. Wouldn't it?

[He crosses his right leg and rests his hands over his knee. His graceful fingers smooth his trousers, and he waits for his audience to speak.]


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