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[Anna appears on the feed for the first time in many months. In spite of the smile she's trying to keep in place, the sadness she's carried reflects in both her eyes and her voice.

It takes a moment, clearing her throat uncomfortably and swallowing hard before she speaks.

Hi everyone. Anna here. It's been a while since I last posted. Too long maybe but I just needed the time away? Not sure if it helped but.

I'll get to the point. As many of you may have realized, my sister Elsa has left this world. If what everyone says is correct, she's back home in Arendelle now. Things work out and she ends up happy in in the end, the best queen our country has ever seen.

[And yet, that last sentence has Anna's voice wavering.]

So. Yes. [A pause.] As for me, I'm still here though I'm living in Nonah now. Haven't spent much time in the city but I'm starting to find my away around. I might try to restart the sweets shop in the future? But for now I'm focusing on the adjustments of being somewhere new.

[There's a halfhearted wave and a weak smile when the feed closes out.]
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[When her messages begins, Anna has her best smile in place. In spite of the recent problems Heropa has faced she aims to bring a little bit of cheeriness to the feed.]

Hi everyone, Anna here again. Most of you saw my face a little while ago?

[A small wave.]

Since Valentine's Day is just around the corner, tomorrow even, I thought I'd offer my services to those who have yet to come up with something for their special someone! Services being, um, chocolate. My understanding is most people like chocolate as a traditional sign of affection. And, while I know the stores have it, I've noticed they really mark up their prices this time of year and the day after tomorrow it'll be cheap again?

Anyways! It's just the chocolate I can make, but it is really great, better than average, powers-made chocolate! Anything you or yours might want even. If you bring fillers like fruits and nuts, I can go wild. Any combinations, chocolate cake, truffles, bars, you name it. I've practiced a lot and gotten pretty good, if I do say so myself.

I'm not asking for much in return beyond a little bit of money or maybe some kind of trade? Whatever you think is fair! [That earlier smile broadens.] And hey, even if you don't have a date or a friend, you can always treat yourself!

[Anna ends her self-promotion with a cheesy wink.]
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Ugh. So very ugh.

[ quite a way to start a broadcast. he looks a little over-dramatically cranky. there's a moment where he adjusts the camera, leaning forward to change the angle once. twice. three times. then he lifts his hands in surrender when it won't sit the way that he pleases. ]

Right—hello. Quite a lot of new faces out there, aren't there? And some old ones. Blah blah blah, pleasantries. Let's jump right into sharing time. That's right, it's been a very adventure-filled last few days. [ he straightens his voice before diving right in. ] A knight, wrought with scorn, and little ol' me, unfortunate enough to be struck by lightning while minding my own business. [ does he ever mind his own business? he hadn't even been concerned about that whole lightning thing. well, too bad for Loki. ] Between the trek out into the woods, yelling about monotheistic purgatory-places, and seeking out a particularly nefarious rival, I woke up in an ally in Nonah after being kicked out of a seedy bar for—drum roll, please—giving a passionate speech about the art of self-sacrifice and the importance of the reign of the current queenly monarch. Many feelings were roused. You dares were exchanged among the boos. It was in French. I don't think anyone got it. Er—well, I got it, I suppose.

No need to fret at all. I'm very back to normal now after a very stupid bender. [ he waves his hand, wiggling dark nailed fingers. ] Insert obligatory warning about freaky lightning here. I'm getting a bucket of spicy chicken wings and a pint of fudge ice cream. Toodles.
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[The princess appears on the screen with a pleasant smile and a bizarre angle. Per usual, Anna spends a few seconds fascinated at seeing herself while she moves her device around to capture her at different angles. Soon enough though, she puts her attentions to her virtual audience.]

Hi there everyone! For those of you that don't know me, I'm Anna. And, well, I'm still Anna for those of you who do. Which, you all know. So. Anyway.

I was wondering about this whole "Valentine's Day" thing I keep seeing everywhere. [Yes, those were air quotes back there.] Because there's way too much information that doesn't agree on the internet. Someone said it was a Hallmark holiday but I thought Hallmark was a television channel? They had all those super sad movies with, fortunately, happy endings at Christmas?? Then someone else said it was about some guy from a zillion years ago who might've been a wizard and helped people heal or horrible bloody stuff or... something.

[She might've overloaded herself on the web searches.]

Oh! And some one else said it's about celebrating your special someone. And, um. [Anna blushes. The rest of her words come out in an even faster rush than her normal babbling.] If it was about that I just. Want to make sure?? You know, because it's good not to forget those kinds of things.
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[A combination of general guilt, nagging from Winry, and her newly found confidence to actually be in the same room with Anna for more than an hour (wow!) has led Elsa to make this post now. Really it was something she should have done some time ago, but it's easier to cling to the status quo.]

Hello. My name is Elsa, and it's been awhile since I've posted at large like this. [Since she hates doing it.]

I have a favor to ask... well, not really a favor, as I intend to pay anyone who's willing to help me. I would like to train my powers, and get better at controlling them. Others have tried to help me with this in the past, but they're gone now.

As for what my powers are, well...

[She holds up her hand, without a glove, for once, and flexes it. Snowflakes burst into being, glittering in the air for a moment before falling down around her.]

I can also freeze things, and make things out of ice. It's strongly affected by my emotions.

[Now, the fun part...]

There is some risk involved. If my powers strike you directly, they could freeze your mind, or your heart, killing you from the inside. It's... difficult to cure.

[She glances away for a moment, then looks back at the camera.]

I understand if no one wants to help me, knowing that, but I would appreciate it. If you're interested, we can work out details of payment.

Thank you.

4, Video

Oct. 19th, 2014 08:50 pm
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This is Major-General Olivier Mira Armstrong.

I've been granted permission to lead a small expedition of National Guardsmen and imPorts to Alaska for reconnaissance and potential defense against Soviet aggression. I'm looking for volunteers.

This will be wilderness survival and we will not have backup. Rations and supplies will be what we can bring with us, and what we can gather. If you can't take those conditions, or if you can't follow my orders, don't waste my time.

If you think you can, I can use you.

Armstrong out.

[Privated to Amestrian military members who aren't Kimblee]

Alex, Elric, Mustang. I'm going to need people I can rely on, and you three are the closest I have to that.

[Privated to Commander Shepard and Kaidan.]

Shepard, Alenko. Let's talk.

(ooc: More information can be found here and here!)
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[The voice sounds a bit unsure of herself at first - this is her first time addressing the network at large. But after her initial hesitant greeting, she clears her throat and goes again, stronger this time.]

Hello. My name is Elsa. I've never introduced myself on here, but some of you know me. I've been here a few months now.

[None of this is important, she just felt like she might as well get some context, even if her name is already attached to the audio post.]

I have some unfortunate news. Or, maybe fortunate, depending on your point of view. [She's in the glass half empty crowd.] My housemate, Flame Princess, has been sent home. If you knew her... I'm sorry.

[She sounds a bit sad about that, and her tone does not improve as she continues. If anything, she sounds progressively more anxious.]

Also, I'm going out of town for a week. Out of the country, actually. If you've left anything on hold at the antique shop, I've let my coworkers know, so they should be able to sort it out for you.

I'd rather not be contacted while I'm away.

[This is her way of letting Anna know she's leaving and letting Kristoff anyone else know that no, she doesn't want to talk about it. Contact people directly? Nah.]

Thank you.
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[The video feed opens on centered on Anna. She's not as perky as usual, expression a bit demure. There's a small wave before she starts speaking.]

Hello everyone. So it would appear that someone who was here from my homeland has gone missing. Hans? I've seen some people talking about this happening to people they knew too? After doing my best research, I realized I have no idea what happens when people disappear.

I guess I'm wondering if anyone has a more definitive idea of where they go.

Do they return home? When they do, will they remember everything that happened here? Are those of us still here just not there?

[Anna takes a deep breath. She's about to fire off more questions but thinks better of it. For now.]

If anyone has answers, I'd appreciate the information. ...And will probably have more questions for you.

[She is just about to turn off the feed but pauses.] Oh! And thank you, in advance. [Can't forget polite manners, stress or no.]

II, voice;

Jul. 19th, 2014 12:52 pm
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[ Kristoff’s still not the most socially apt individual, especially when it comes to addressing the masses. Here goes nothing, though! He sounds a little doubtful when he starts: ]

Right. Hello. Kristoff Bjorgman, here. I want to talk about —or ask about, I guess— doors.

Not, like, literal doors, I mean. I know enough about doors. I mean, um… Well, okay, let me— Where I come from, there are places out in nature that are a little different, like a big tree right in the middle of a clearing, or a strange rock formation, or, say, a valley full of smooth boulders surrounded by craggy mountains. People say, or they used to, that these places are places of magic, where the walls between our world and another are thinner, and the gods and spirits can pass back and forth as they wish. I’m not sure how many people still believe in that kind of thing. Most everybody lives in towns, and all of the roads and houses have been built over whatever nature used to be there. They’ve stopped noticing these things, and they have new beliefs.

I was talking to somebody the other day about the machine that brings us here, and how it used to be different. It was at least named for a goddess, I guess, that measured out people’s fates. I don’t know. I never heard of her, but I guess it reminded me of those old stories.

So now I’m wondering if anybody else has stories like that, about doors to other worlds, because I suppose it’s sort of fitting. We’re in another world, and I guess that machine is the door. Maybe it’s just a matter of where it opens in our own homes. Something like that.

That makes more sense to me than just saying “a machine did it,” at least.

Video - 001

Jun. 9th, 2014 12:15 am
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[The camera takes a minute to swing around and settle on Anna's face, with her talking all the while.]

Right, okay, so I'm supposed to show up on the screen while I talk. How do I even see that if the camera is-- wait. Wait okay oops! There we go. Didn't realize it has two [said with emphasis] ways to to take pictures!

[For a minute or two she doesn't say anything, caught up in making faces at the camera and seeing how funny they look on the screen. Cleary, Anna is easily distracted. After a little bit more of this, she fixes her attention on making a proper video.]

Okay, so. There are a lot of things different here than where I'm from and I want to know all the good stuff! A world that has things like radios and televisions and cars? And I already know about the forty flavors of ice creams and the twenty-four hour doughnut places.

[There's a far away look of happiness in her eyes for a moment before her gaze refocuses on the recording camera.]

That's got to be the tip of the iceberg. So don't hold out!

[A pause.]

Please? And thanks too.

[Anna wraps her video up with a big grin before fumbling around to turn it off.]


Mar. 25th, 2014 09:49 pm
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Hello? Is this-- [ He's uncertain as to whether or not anyone can actually hear him at this point. What he's been told hardly overshadows the truth of the matter, and that truth is that he isn't dead. At least the phone is easy to manage. ] Uh, what am I even supposed to do with this?

[ It's quiet for an indefinite amount of time aside from very light breathing, rather composed given the abruptness of the situation. Then, there's a slow breath: resignation. ]

My name is Castiel. I'm... [ He hesitates. ] What I am isn't relevant to this request - I need your help. The information I've been given seems to be incorrect, and there is more at risk than what these people have told you. Please.

I have to go back.

[ Or learn the finer details, the truth. With being told whether or not those he considers friends are here. And whether or not his name or the unexplained invitation garners the wrong kind of attention doesn't necessarily occur to him. Not when the device cuts out shortly after and leaves him to his own devices one again. At the very least, his location hasn't been compromised, and he's still warded if angels happen to exist here; he can determine cause and effect later. ]
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[ Timestamp: 4:22 AM.

When the video turns on, it's the face of a blond man, artificial light and the odd backdrop of two awkward looking trees, dirt and one giant worker ant, who took a moment to tilt its head curiously at the man before moving on. ]

I know we're all busy with our own lives so I'll try to make this short.

When we were brought into this world, some of us were given new sets of powers. Others may have had powers that they had from their own world, powers that they were already used to. I was one of the latter case. My powers involve size changing, from the 25 feet tall to being small enough to be able to interact with subatomic particles. It's a power that I've come to know, inside out. It wasn't an easy progress, I had a myriad of molecular instability that affected my life in a very personal way.

So I can understand what some of you who are dealing with these new powers are going through. You don't know the limits to what you can do, and we don't know either. That makes for a potentially dangerous situation, to both yourself and everyone else.

What I'm proposing is a training centre. I know we have government facilities here that are equally suitable for that but there are those of us who are uncomfortable with the idea of any government involvement. This will be a facility that's imPort funded, established and operated, so that we have a building of our own, outside of the government's eye. It won't matter if you're registered or not, the main priority of this is to make this place available to all imPorts.

I don't exactly have any concrete plans right now, a few blueprints and ideas off the top of my head. I'd like to hear what everyone's input on this before anything is done about it, especially those with new powers and those outside the law, so to speak. But all input is welcomed.

Thank you all for your time.

[ A quick smile and the camera turns off. ]
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[ Please don't ask him why he's sitting on a park bench covered in a pile of sleeping children. He's not going to explain. Though judging by the bright orange HEROPA DAY CAMP - COUNSELOR t-shirt that matches all the tiny HEROPA DAY CAMP t-shirts surrounding him, the answer should be obvious.

He shifts slightly, trying to find a more comfortable position without disturbing them, and then sighs softly.

I mean, I get it. Free stuff and you get to work for the government, that's cool. But doesn't anybody ever get - I dunno, homesick? Do you ever miss your f- [ He starts to say family, but apparently thinks better of it. ] - do you ever miss people? Or your life back home?

[ He rubs the back of his neck, unusually subdued, at least it may seem that way to the few people who've already met him. ]

What do you do if you left the one thing that's most important to you back home? Do you just not think about it? Try to get back, even if it's impossible? Or do you just wait it out and hope maybe you'll get to go home one day?

two; video

Mar. 15th, 2014 12:05 am
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[Hans clicks on the video. He's sitting, shock and surprise, at a desk and is wearing a simple oxford shirt.]

I've only been here about a month and I'm already moving up! [a tiny pause, then he breaks out into a wide grin, obviously proud of himself.] You're looking at the new liaison for imPort Public Relations!

[because he is just massively done with the idea of being a waiter. serving others? utterly ridiculous. He was a prince after all.]

Part of my job involves putting together publicity spots promoting registration. I know that for some of you, you've only been here for a short while but if anybody has any success stories of how the government has helped them out, then I'd greatly appreciate it if you told them to me!

[someone should also probably teach him how to use an actual video camera or how to type with more than two fingers but hey, baby steps.]
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[The video starts off dark before a crack of light appears. Suddenly everything spins before a curious face peers down at the device. A face that is clearly not human. Dusky purple skin, white hair, two large eyes that glow a silvery blue, two strange barbs sprouting from her chin and a couple of small diamond shaped ridges on the being's forehead. What appear to be horns sprout from that white hair but disappear out of the frame.

A hand covers the camera for a moment as the user picks up the device and settles it on something so it's pointed at them. Once everything is settled the user gives a shy little wave. Behind her appears to be a beach.

Greetings. I, um, I hope this device is recording. It's very different from anything we have back home, more complex with all it's functions and it doesn't even produce a holo image. [If it does she hasn't found it yet.]

I guess you get a lot of these, people new and introducing themselves, but it doesn't feel right to not do so. [The whole time she speaks her voice is soft with a thick vaguely Eastern European accent. She keeps her head mostly lowered, occasionally flicking her glowing gaze up at the comm. One hand fidgets with a strand of hair or with the small tendrils coming from behind her ears.]

My name is Iulalia. Or Lia for short. I've never seen a world like this... Actually, I've never seen any world at all. My people have been traveling in a ship for thousands of years and since I've been born we haven't visited any new planets. You, um, you have a lot of water here, you know? [She seems very put off by this fact.] I've never seen so much before.

[She pauses as she brings her hand to mouth and chews on her thumbnail for a moment. What else can she say? Has she said enough? Should she say anything more or will it come off like rambling?]

Uh, before I get too off track... This is not home and I honestly don't want to be here but it seems I have no choice so I wish to help in any way I can. I am a healer and I can cook and clean and sew so if you need anything please let me know.

Also, if someone could tell me what a barista [She says this word as if it's completely foreign to her, which it is.] is that would be most helpful. [She offers a small smile before shutting off the feed.]
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[When he clears his throat, it's the sort of noise of a man who has (at some point in his life) achieved a doctorate; quiet like footsteps in new leather shoes, the very phlegm dislodged seems cogent of his self-importance.]

Hello to you out there, my fellow imPorts. I'm Doctor Frederick Chilton. I specialize in psychiatry -- more specifically, abnormal psychology. That fact is why I've come to speak to you all.

[He smiles, and it's audible. An authentic smile, one resonating with excitement.]

It's amazing, really, how internalized trauma can disrupt the otherwise normalized behaviors of individuals. Mental disorders are statistically recorded more frequently among consistently traumatized populations when compared to normal populations, with rising numbers in afflictions like depression and anxiety. And other sorts of -- [careful.] ah, mood disorders. It's as amazing as it is concerning -- one never knows how much a mind can take before it. Breaks.

So I invite you to come to me if you've noticed anything peculiar with regards to yourself or [how to phrase this delicately.] Or those of great concern, or importance to you. I'm hoping I can help mitigate growing difficulties, the sort that can erupt into dire afflictions. You may utilize the private line I've established for this purpose, if you feel the need, especially if you want to speak about someone you fear for in confidentiality.

[A beat -- the hollow afterthought rings dryly against his teeth:]

No points for accusing me of any such necessity.
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[The video feed flickers to life, revealing the face of a young man decidedly still in his late teens. He's calm enough, almost professional, and his words will be spoken with the deliberation of someone who's put some thought into what they're going to say.]

I'm going to bypass what I assume are the usual comments concerning the... inconvenience of being brought here. I'm sure I'm not the only one who was either in the middle of something important or simply has more pressing matters at "home", so there's little point in being redundant.

[All-in-all, he appears to be taking this alright. There's only the slightest twitch, a furrowing of the brow -- but to anyone who claims to know Light well, this is merely an indication that's he a lot more irritated than he's letting on. (Consider it a blessing that no one really knows Light all that well.) He continues.]

My name is Light Yagami; I was a first year college student in Japan before my arrival. I understand that there are shared residencies here... in that case, if you happen to be one of my housemates, I'd appreciate you letting me know. I'd like to familiarize myself with your names, faces, backgrounds, personalities and et cetera, just so I can get a sense of [what he's getting himself into] who I'm living with and what daily life is going to be like. Just out of curiosity.

Secondly -- and this is directed to anyone seeing this -- I'd like some advice as to how to adapt here. This is a - [a pause because the notion sounds ridiculous but here he is] reality that isn't my own, so as far as I know, down could be up and up could be down. Explanations of do's and don't's are welcome, as is just general information if that's all you have to contribute. And yes, I know I've already been given a summary of what's supposedly happening; it's just that I wouldn't mind getting second opinions, or just meeting the people here.

[He looks as if he's about to end it there, and then, as if remembering something:]

Oh, and is the calendar on this thing right? February 26th? It's almost my birthday again.

Anyway, thanks for your time.


Feb. 25th, 2014 01:55 pm
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[The communicator blinks on, revealing the face of a reasonably handsome blond man in navy blue and blindingly gold spandex, wearing – are those orange sunglasses? What year does he think it is? How can he possibly think that looks cool? Whatever the case, he’s obviously impressed with himself. He’s grinning broadly, clearly aiming for dazzling but winding up somewhere on the border between cheesy and embarrassing.]

Goooood afternoon, ladies and gentlemen! Booster Gold’s the name, and I’m coming to you live from Wherever-We-Are-I-Didn’t-Catch-The-Name-Sorry, Florida! You might remember me from my many thrilling exploits – please, feel free to ask about those – or, slightly more recently, from the third season of Celebrity Dance-A-Thon. You probably don’t have that here. Don’t worry, I’ll give you the highlights. I didn’t learn to samba for nothing.

[There’s a brief hesitation, and he takes a few steps to the left, where the lighting is better. It really shows off his hair. That seems to have satisfied him. God, how is anyone this shiny?]

And before you ask, yes, I do sign autographs.

[Another gleaming smile. He must floss like a madman.]

Oh, yeah, and does anyone know where a guy can get a drink with a tiny little umbrella in it? First answer gets a free photo-op with yours truly. Don’t say Booster Gold never did anything for you.
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Well, everyone, it's been a long fucking while, hasn't it?

[ It seems so weird, to see Mitch without his usual, old backdrop of an office. He's not in a bedroom, either, but instead outside, probably a park, but he sure as hell doesn't look comfortable. He's just kind of holding the communicator, there's not the usual production-quality that his addresses normally came with. Starting over, starting from the ground up. He's smiling though, as much as a guy who's lost a career can smile. ]

We've got a lot of new faces on here too. I'd say welcome to the City, but it's not really the City anymore. [ A pause. ] Welcome to Cape Canaveral, imports.

We've had a lot of people offering rundowns, so I'm not going to do that, we've had appeals for cooperation, something I would wholeheartedly encourage, but more than that, I wanted to pop in and let you know what I'm here for. Back home, where I really come from, I was the Mayor of New York City, [ A pause. There are other things, but he won't address those, ] and then in the City, I was also the mayor, your mayor, really. It's difficult to distinguish a classification like import, no matter what you do, you know? Anyway, when I showed up here, they apparently knew me well enough, they didn't give me one fucking job, they gave me two. I'm your representative here.

What that means, of course, is that I'm here for you. I know how cheesy, and ridiculous it sounds, but it's true. I'm here for each and every one of you, and I mean that wholeheartedly. I know it's a lot to take in, coming to another goddamn world, and suddenly there's a tattoo on your arm, a file in your hand, and you're being asked to register for these people. I know it's not easy. I know it's not the first thing that comes to mind when showing up in a new goddamn world, because I'm pretty sure most people are going to get caught up on the fact that it's a new goddamn world.

And that's where I want to come in. I want you to understand just as I do, I want to make sure that if there are any fears, or anything holding you back, let me bring them up with the people in the government, let me bring issues you have up. I'm good at this for a reason, and if you need a voice, I'm going to be it. So don't hesitate, and if you don't want to do it here, just tell me when and where, and I'll make sure we can talk -- or you can call me anytime, and I'll be here to listen.

[ And like magic, the number seems embedded in the message. ]

Anyway, like a lot of people have already said, we have to work together to make do here. If we don't, we're going to fall apart, just like before, and I cannot and will not let that happen if I can help it.

Thanks for listening folks, and have a good rest of your afternoon.


Feb. 18th, 2014 12:10 pm
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[you can hear the ambient noise of a restaurant in the background.]

Well! Now that I've figured out how this device works, I should probably introduce myself. My name is Hans, Prince of the Southern Isles and fellow imPort. I've met some of you at the party-oh, let me just swap this to the video for a moment.

[And then, he fiddles for a moment and manages to turn the video on: Hans is sitting in what looks like a restaurant-decidedly not the Hard Rock Cafe (though the eagle-eyed viewer can catch the edges of the Hard Rock Cafe logo on his black work polo. He's broadcasting this from his lunch break.]

Is it working? It should be working. [He shrugs, waves at the camera, then clicks it back off, swapping to audio.]

Anyway, it's become more and more obvious to me that I know next to nothing about this land. So, I'd appreciate any knowledge about customs and traditions of America. I already know about your president, thanks to Nelson, but what about your courts, your military strength, what it takes to get married, things like that?

[why yes he deliberately picked that last topic, sorry not sorry Anna.]

Any information would be appreciated!


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