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You know what's easy? Taking things away from people who aren't participating the way they were supposed to. I know it's...easy to be mad. Particularly about what's happening, and if I were to have my benefits cut, and my other benefits in question, I'd be mad too, more than that, I'd be scared.

The problem is, when you decide to do things when you're scared. I've done it before, and the problem is that thinking clearly isn't something that really comes to mind, and that's...where problems come in. I don't want to see us get in trouble, by not thinking. But I don't want to let people get walked over, either. The problem is that they haven't heard from us, and while I've pushed in my own way, it's been...ineffective. I'd like to sugarcoat it, but I won't, it was a mistake. The fact is that we need to push in a different way, and it's time to change tactics, if you're unhappy with the way things are.

For the people I haven't spoken to yet, I'm your representative. I've been advocating for import rights with our military benefactors, but unfortunately, the military is as restrained to the budget as anyone else, and that's the simple fucking fact of it. We can't change the budget, particularly when the porter's kept up like this for so long. There are a lot of us, and I don't know if they were prepared for so many people, and such a diverse crew. We've been lucky, honestly, back in the City, when we first started coming through, there were problems with destruction -- but then again, we had fucking Godzilla there.

I guess, I should really promise that I'm going to do better, for you. However, I'm one voice, and these sorts of things need a bit more than just empty words from one asshole who looks like he belongs. I need things from you guys, tell me why you chose what you chose. I'm not...looking for debate, exactly. We all have our opinions, and our reasons for choosing registration or not registering. What I'm looking for is the reasoning. why does registration make you uncomfortable, why did you choose not to? What can the government do to encourage you to do it? I know that sounds pretty damn trite but... [ He reaches up, to run a hand through his hair, the camera doesn't move, it looks to be affixed at computer length, from his desk. Behind him is a (mostly) obscured list of the senators currently in office, with [x]x and [y]s next to the names. It's a map of how they voted, obviusly. ]

I guess, what I'm saying is, give me something to take to them. Let me see if I can start pushing in the right direction, to see if we can change some minds. Tell me why you chose the way you did, what made you do it. What's your history with this kind of thing. Showing how diverse we are as a community will do more good than anything else.


Oct. 11th, 2014 10:16 am
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[ for one of the few times in his life, Connors is actually using the video function. And, he's sitting in a nice little lab with a small smile on his face. ]

Pretty nice, huh? I finally got up the courage to ask about a promotion. You're looking at an actual research biologist now--no 'assistant' attached.

[ yaaaay still smiling. And then...that smile falters for just a moment as Connors pauses, regains his strength, and then starts talking again. ]

That's not the only reason I'm making this post, though. There's something that I need to tell people. It's...been a long time coming and honestly, I should have done this earlier. But, I'm telling everybody this now, while- [ while he's still got the courage ] while it's relatively quiet.

I know I've been a bit cagey about what my power is, and here's the reason why. Many years back, I tried to regrow my arm by injecting myself with a reptile DNA based experimental formula, designed to help stimulate cellular regrowth. Obviously, it didn't work. In fact, I'd say it made things worse. [ pause, take a small breath, continue on. ]

My power is that occasionally, in times of stress or high anxiety or simply even surprise, I change into this...this monstrous lizard thing. And I'm not myself. The way I understand it is my mind lies dormant--but it can be reached. Spider-Man's managed to save me by reminding me of my wife and son before. Anyway, it's dangerous. If I transform into that, I'm dangerous. The's killed people. And if you're a human, or what it thinks of as a "mammal," there's a high probability that it would try to kill you. So if I transform again, you've got to take me down before anybody gets hurt.

[ There's a pause where Curt scratches at the back of his neck for a moment. ] So that's...that. Not exactly a fun topic of conversation. [ said with a small chuckle, look at him trying to lighten the mood a bit. ] But it's something that needs to be done.
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[ it's been over two years since steve had woken up in the future; he's more or less gotten the hang of modern technology now. which means that when he addresses the network via a video, there is no technical malfunction, and the feed doesn't shake, it isn't upside down, none of that. it shows steve in uniform, framed so that he's visible only from the shoulders up. behind his head, the curve of the shield strapped to his back is visible, though not immediately recognisable. ] This is Steve Rogers- though most people back in my world know me as Captain America. [ there's a hint of a smile in his expression, something rueful. ]

Where I'm from, freedom of speech is an important pillar of society, and I hope the same holds here. So I'm asking now — what are your experiences with the military, and the government?

[ there's no hesitation in the question, just a firm steadiness to both his voice and his expression. steve isn't paranoid by nature, but hydra infiltrating shield has shown how important transparency and scrutiny are for a government and for the military. so, before he goes back to a life of service for a government that isn't the one he knew growing up, he wants to have some account of what they're like. asking the government itself or turning to the media is one thing: in a well-functioning society, those are sources that will tell him the truth. in a not-so-well-functioning society, however, that's very different and steve? steve grew up in brooklyn, grew up on backalley fights and the great depression. asking the people is, in the end, the best source there is.

after a moment's pause, he adds:
] If, for whatever reason, you'd rather not talk about it via this channel, I'd be happy to meet you anywhere. And if you're afraid to talk, that tells me enough.

Thank you for your time. [ he lifts a hand, obviously to shut off the video feed, but before he does, there's a dry: ] Rogers out.
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I have heard there are ways to suppress our powers.
How do you do that? Is there some sort of device or switch?

[ because if he can, he wants to stop it all ]

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Sep. 15th, 2014 01:49 am
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[ the camera turns on to show jemma simmons sitting standing outside, looking rather unhappy. she's been filled in and had a few moments to question it, freak out, and then the final step... acceptance.]

I've been debriefed, if you can even call it that. This is all a little impossible to believe, frankly. [ but she's learned in her time with shield that there's little that's actually impossible.] I suppose it would be rude to refuse an position at the local uni but... [ she makes a face, her nose wrinkling.] I have two PhDs for goodness sake! I was one of the youngest graduates of the S.H.I.E.L.D. Academy of Science and Technology!

And they offered me an assistant teaching job. [so. insulted. and flustered. so british. shield is now defunct and there are those who may look down upon her for such accomplishments. she tries not to deflate too much as she mutters something that might sound like two phds.]

Skye? May? [ she wants to ask after fitz but he wouldn't be here, conscious, and coulson, well, he's supposed to be dead so...] Please tell me you're here somewhere.
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[See a dinosaur in a vest. See a dinosaur in a vest talking. Just a normal day.]


[Yelling. Definitely yelling and not talking.]


[He pauses a moment to glance at some papers before looking back up at the camera.]

Mime? MIME IS NOT A JOB! MIMES DON'T DO SCIENCE! Have you mammals changed your mammaly words again?! Is this some hipster thing?!

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[Pitch's brow is raised in curiosity for a change, letting out a soft sigh before he begins. He isn't in his twisted abode but somewhere where all the stars of the sky are visible above and behind him.]

There are things about you, you humans, that I have never truly fathomed the reasoning behind.

Why do you love?

[It isn't something he has ever understood, as a being of Fear who's sole existence has been about survival things like love are somewhat out of his ability.]

There is no logic to it, no... clear reasoning. It only brings you pain and suffering in the end. Only ends in sorrow.

What drives you to put so much investment in to another individual that you lose the will to continue on without them?

Explain this to me, for even in all my watching and years of knowing your fears of losing it I have yet to understand why.
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What was the date when you arrived here?

[ This is the most important part, at least by the standards of the persona she's tried to project thus far, and as such demands the most attention and response. Hence the text!! But that's not the end of the broadcast by half. Immediately after the text portion gets fired off, the audio kicks in, and some broad starts talking. Her tone is businesslike, but not brisk -- like she knows exactly what she's going to say, but is in no particular hurry to say it.

Or like she's more than happy to listen to herself talk for ages. It could also be that. ]

I'm not about to flatter myself by assuming I'm the only one who's been watching, but I don't believe anyone's remarked on this yet. Not here, at least. And we know what happens when one keeps information hostage, right?

[ HO HO HO HO HO. She doesn't really sound amused, although her voice briefly lilts into the appropriate register. ]

If we take this entire wave of imPorts -- the ones who've arrived and departed within the year -- as a whole, there have been several different patterns for arrivals. I wasn't there, so please, correct me if I'm wrong. But to my knowledge, between the initial group in January and those who began to appear in February, there were no stragglers. There was simply the one, and then the rest of us. From then on, it appears to have been a fairly continuous flow.

But I don't think we're keeping to it now. This is based only on what I've noticed, so I can't say for certain when it started or whether the change is significant at all. Still, some of you have to have noticed there were more introductions toward the beginning of last month than there were at the end. I believe the timing has changed again -- so that the majority of newcomers show up at the beginning of the month and, as it goes on, cease to arrive entirely. A happy medium, I suppose you could call it. Particularly happy for the government, since it ensures newcomers can hardly get their bearings before they're given the choice to register.

Some of you have been theorizing that Lachesis is present again. If that's so, you should be looking to the way she measures. She was a little less organized in the old universe, as I remember -- but back then, she wasn't under supervision. It's funny how things change.
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[Someone is annoyingly energetic today. And bored. So here she is.]

What's the most badass super power? I know some of us come in with powers, and others get them when they're ported in, but you gotta admit--some are better than others. They don't have to be your own.

Me? I think telepathy is cool. Oh! And flying. Flying is definitely the best. Cool power or coolest power? Discuss.

... I guess ice would technically be the coolest power ever, literally, but you know what I mean.
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[ the screen pops up on a pretty girl with wooly blonde curls, one blue eye and one green, looking kind of pissed and seemingly sitting inside a small cafe if the iced coffee in front of her is any indication. she is not actually pissed, not incredibly, this is just her resting bitch face. she's already divested herself of her winter wool coat and knitted hat and instead is wearing a tank top to accommodate the heat, but she also, contrarily, has a pair of black leather gloves on and a thin silk scarf, light blue, draped delicately around her throat, covering up the scar that marks her as a member of her family. ]

Two things: I'm looking for a Sharpe, a specific one named Cassel, but he is physically incapable of not being involved in the most dramatic trouble so I know he is here. [ she sounds... vaguely affectionate? maybe? it's possible she's not looking for him to hunt him down and murder him. or maybe she is. that could just be how they show affection, you don't know their life.

but in any case, she moves on swiftly, not entertaining the idea that cassel isn't here. he has to be, they were in the car together. and it's probably all his fault somehow because that's just how it happens in lila's life. ]

Secondly, does the government really expect me to help fight Soviets? I'm a Zacharov. We're Russian. [ not to mention the hateboner lila has against the government (all of them!) for the anti-worker legislation and the camps of old with makes her derisive tone all the more contemptuous. she grew up on the stories of how her family fought back against that bullshit, she's not about to suddenly change her tune and start frolicking off against the ussr because uncle sam said jump. uncle sam can go fuck a bald eagle. ] That's like asking me to fight against my own cousin.

[ ..hahhahahhahahahah. BAD ANALOGY. whatever, she's keeping it. no one else will understand why she is smirking anyway. ]

Okay, maybe three things. I'm living at... [ she looks at something on the table, nose wrinkling slightly in distaste. ] Number 22. That's happening.

That's all. Dosvedanya.

[ and with a little wave, she cuts the feed. ]
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Either I have a new roommate who moved in and hid everything but my underclothes somewhere else in this house where I can't find them or I've had my entire wardrobe stolen between yesterday morning and right now.

Has this happened to anyone else? I'm open to alternate explanations. Or wringing the neck of the one(s) responsible.

[ private to Shinjiro | so hackable it's laughable; ]

I'll be late. I have to find something acceptable to wear.


Aug. 24th, 2014 02:35 pm
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So, hypothetically speaking, if someone were to move into an apartment that has like...nothing- as in absolutely no things in it...

What should that person probably get? Like, are some essentials optional essentials, or...? Laundry baskets, for example. Not necessary. That's what floors are for.

-oh and assume this hypothetical person has very little money. Like, you look at their bank account and you just feel this pang of regret, that a bank account this sadly empty could exist. But also you feel grateful that it's not you.

Also assume that this supposed apartment is supposedly in a semi-bad part of town. Not this town obviously, because this is all just speculation, but just to lay some ground rules in this discussion.
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[Hello, imPorts! For once, Shinji isn't hitting up the network while he's at work. Actually, he's chilling in the living room of DeChima House 1, with that spoiled-as-hell giant snake curled up over one of the cushions, head resting on the arm of the couch.

Anyway, Shinjiro has finally gotten around to connecting his console to the internet. Thanks, Minako, for starting this video game trend.]

Any other imPorts got an XBox? If you wanna shoot over your usernames I can add 'em to Live.

[Unless he doesn't like you and/or you kick his ass too many times in Forza: Hovercar Edition or whatever.]

...And lemme know 'bout any good games. It'd have to wait a few paychecks, but like hell I know what all there is.

[For once he's successful in acting like a normal-ass teenager!]

001 | Text

Aug. 8th, 2014 08:38 pm
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[Hanji isn't exactly tech-savvy. Not when it comes to things like computers or cellphones or tablets. Still, given some basic instruction, she can grasp the concept behind them easily enough, even if she doesn't quite get all of the tech that makes it work. She'll learn as she goes! That's the important part! Right? Right.

For now, she sticks to text. After all, that's basically like writing a letter.

This is very interesting - I've never experienced being pulled into another reality before. It's very inconvenient, though. I had my hands full at home, already! Still, a lot to take in. They've given me this device, though (very kind of them). Apparently there are a lot of us ImPorts out there?

Oh, yes. My name is Hanji Zoe. Although that doesn't mean much to most of you, does it?

Anyway, I just wanted to test this thing out and see if it really works as advertised. I'm sure I'll have lots of questions over the next few days!

Thank you for your attention!
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[ The camera turns on, and for a moment attempts are made to find a point of focus: first the screen shows the top of Annie’s head and part of Reiner’s arm, then just Reiner, Bertholdt’s elbow -- each adjustment forces the others out of the frame. Finally the camera is pulled out further and, as they all stand assembled, Annie climbs on top of a chair that gives her enough height to be past even with Reiner’s shoulder, ending the camera’s focusing woes. Shortie. It’s Annie who starts speaking. ]

ImPorts. In light of recent circumstances, we’ve spoken with representatives of the United States military in regards to this announcement... and now we’re speaking to any interested as a courtesy.

My name is Annie Leonhart.       My name is Reiner Braun.       My name is Bertholdt Hoover.

this confession is riddled with spoilers for anime-only viewers and also is very long and very oh you silly teenagers so we hid it behind this cut because we love you )


Aug. 2nd, 2014 06:58 pm
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I don't really make posts on this thing--I never really know what to say, for one. And it kind of feels a little bit weird being a forty-something dad and using this thing basically to blog. But, anyway, considering I haven't posted in months and I don't really know half of you...well, might as well do this.

I'm Curt Connors, and I'm from the same world as...God, a ton of people. Tony Stark, Peter Parker, the couple of X-Men we've got here, Spider-Man... [ he cuts himself off with a small laugh. ] And probably a ton of other people from that world who I just don't know yet. Anyway, I work with reptiles pretty much on a daily basis, so if you've got questions about snakes or lizards, I'm your guy. that all? Uh, I don't really know what people say on these sort of things.

[ look at Connors not being a recluse, aren't you proud of him? there's a pause though, before he barrels into another question, his tone of voice more apprehensive now. ]

Ah, I do have a question, though. How would formal education work here? I had a doctorate back home, and I'd kind of like to have it again. Being an assistant research biologist is nice, but you're still an assistant. I know that with lawyers you can simply retake the bar, and with doctors I'm sure you can prove your skills in a medical setting, but I'm not exactly sure how the rest of us would prove our knowledge.

It's not like I can get my diploma or published research from across dimensions, after all.

V: Audio

Aug. 2nd, 2014 01:36 am
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How incompetent are you people?

[Pitch is entirely serious in that question, sounding somewhere between aggravated and amused. In the background can be heard the very faint distorted warbling of Celiene Dion.]

Between apparently getting kidnapped and trapped in space and the usual disgrace to the millions of years of evolution that produced you I'm not entirely sure any of you can be trusted not to choke to death when you draw air to breathe.

Not that I'm surprised by it, your inefficient existences aren't anything new.

I mean really, you have more than a few people here who can travel by unconventional means rather instantly and you didn't think to ask if they could oh... take a look or something? Just because there are those here with standards on what we involve ourselves with doesn't mean we can't be paid or otherwise convinced to assist in matters.

Your inability to look past your navals aside, if anyone is interested in oddities I can be convinced to part with some of my findings from my absence from your constant nattering. I have a few rather fascinating mutated skulls.
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You know, we have a lot of really talented people here. Not that we didn't before -- us imports have always been pretty on top of things, but I think it goes without saying that without the talent and skill of everyone, there'd probably be a few of us that would be dead right about now. Or at least we'd have died. So, I don't think anyone's said it yet, but thanks, to everyone who helped get us out of there.

[ And there's a pause there, he's trying to be nice, and his ego is suffering. ]

I'd like to say we could have done it ourselves, but... well, you can't always predict for unpredictability, and getting us quickly could have been what saved our lives.

But, that's not the only reason I'm here. It's been a busy couple of weeks, not just from our unfortunate attempt to go to space, but for me personally. [ He indicates behind him, it's obviously an office, more strewn with metal and wires and parts than anything else. It's, frankly, an absolute mess. ] I got the loan a few weeks ago, but other than a few people I've gotten in on the ground floor, we haven't had much opportunity for hiring. Startups are always complicated.

But I'm happy to say, that if you want to work in tech and R&D, you should probably come talk to me. I can't promise high wages -- yet -- but I take care of my people, and with a few choice inventions, we'll be able to hit the ground running, and I'd like to see anyone with talent come talk to me. I promise, you won't regret it.

At least, you won't if you don't mind working for me.
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Our designation is "hero", isn't it? And while a clamorous number of you may resist this government-mandated labeling, such is nevertheless the social stratification that we find ourselves bound against. [He clears his throat -- there's a clink of glass, a murmured slosh of liquid.] It almost seems a touch Promethean. [A beat.] And, ah, we the imPorts, pitted against universal disparity, well. Haven't we noticed a few universal constants?

[The archetype talk. Chilton may be more Freudian in practice and provocation, but not even he can resist a little symbolic Jungian theory.]

If you're so inclined to understand my meaning, then let's begin: list three desires, or goals if you will, that you possess. I'll take it from there.

[It's an invitation for a quickie analysis. Careful, though, because the psyche can be quite a... Jungle.]
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[The video feed opens on centered on Anna. She's not as perky as usual, expression a bit demure. There's a small wave before she starts speaking.]

Hello everyone. So it would appear that someone who was here from my homeland has gone missing. Hans? I've seen some people talking about this happening to people they knew too? After doing my best research, I realized I have no idea what happens when people disappear.

I guess I'm wondering if anyone has a more definitive idea of where they go.

Do they return home? When they do, will they remember everything that happened here? Are those of us still here just not there?

[Anna takes a deep breath. She's about to fire off more questions but thinks better of it. For now.]

If anyone has answers, I'd appreciate the information. ...And will probably have more questions for you.

[She is just about to turn off the feed but pauses.] Oh! And thank you, in advance. [Can't forget polite manners, stress or no.]


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