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[It's quiet for a moment as the person making the request isn't completely sure how to say what he wants; he's used to staying to the shadows and working from there, so reaching out so publicly goes against most of his training. Still, he has questions, and it's not like his enemies from home can find him here. ...Probably. So he concentrates, stilling himself and throwing a casual tone into his voice that he's not actually feeling considering he just wound up on a world he's never heard of. His day had already been going weird, but this is the icing on the cake of crazy.]

So I'm looking for some people, and I was wondering if any of them are here or if anyone's seen them. Steve, Sam, uh- Scott. And Wanda. We were kind of all together back home and if I'm here, maybe they are, too, so if they are I want to track them down again. See if we can figure out what's going on, that kind of thing. If you know them, can you tell them I'm looking for them?

[The choice to leave out their last names is deliberate, but except for Scott they are his friends, some of the people closest to him in his life. And a group like that, first names are really all that's important, other details can wait.]

[But whoops, he forgot something. And this time he will use a surname.]

Oh yeah - I'm Clint, Clint Barton. Thanks, and see-

[He's interrupted in signing off by a bark off to the side. There's another brief pause, and then Clint speaks up again with a bit more confusion in his voice.]

Did anyone in, uh, Heropa lose a dog? I've had this guy following me around for at least half an hour now, looks like some kind of chocolate lab mix and he seems like he's been trained but he isn't wearing a collar. Do you think I have hamburgers or something?

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Jul. 9th, 2016 04:52 pm
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[ She's been fairly quiet on the network after her conversation with the other Eobard. And fairly scarce in and around Heropa. There's still things she's processing from the world turning upside down last month. And things that she's avoiding. ]

What do you do when you start to feel homesick? Have you felt homesick while here? I can't imagine anyone hasn't, but stranger things have happened. None of us can choose to go home, and it's not like I can go visit this world's version of my home because it doesn't seem to exist here.
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[ It took Peter a while to figure out the whole smartphone thing. To be fair though for him 'a while' was like... five minutes. Maybe six. Oh he still hadn't figured out EVERYTHING yet, but like the basics? Totally down. He had to fight the urge to try and take it apart and put it back together again. He had a feeling it was waaaay more complicated then the walkmans and arcade cabinets he pulled apart and tweaked. ]

This thing is so awesome... Like something outta a scifi flick or something...

[ There's a guy with a silver mullet and motorcycle goggles perched on his head on the screen. No really. Dude looks like he walked right outta the 80s. He pretty much did too. There's also an odd high pitched buzzing noise in the background. Technically it was music. A mix of Queen, David Bowie, Rush, and Pink Floyd. Not that most would notice. It was being plaid at like... several hundred times the normal speed. Luckily Peter notices he left his walkman on and he flips it off after a couple seconds. ]

Anyway, hey. Name's Peter Maximoff and it's come to my attention that it is the year 2016. Last I checked it was 1983.  That means I'm missing out on 33 years worth of music and that's a damn tragedy. [Clearly that's his most important issue here now. ] So y'know. I need recs from all you future people! What's good? What sucks? I'm not too picky about genre but I gotta have music or I'll probably go crazy.

[ OK so really he's still worrying about his mom and his sisters and the kids at the Prof's school and other family issues that he just really doesn't wanna think about daddy issues don't ask. So to keep his mind off things he's just gonna think about music and stuff because running more laps around the city really isn't helping him much. ]

Oh! And video games. There's gotta be like at least a dozen new versions of the Atari and ColecoVision by now, right?

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Jun. 18th, 2016 12:15 pm
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[The first thing everyone will notice in today's video will be the view of a clear blue sky. It was a beautiful day in Heropa! Not a single cloud in the sky; however it won't be long until a song will be heard loud and clear off screen. All those living in the same neighborhood around Heropa #33 will definitely hear and notice it was coming from the rooftop of the house. It would seem a certain someone was singing today!

While she is singing, a large group of white cumulus clouds will begin to move into view (to those watching live will notice they are appearing from the rooftop to the sky), at an unusual pace, then a sound like wind pounding into the middle of those fluffy clouds will be heard before pieces of the once seen dense clouds will begin to scatter out of the way to form a clearing of light cirrus clouds over the sky, leaving a large hole in the middle of the group of cumulus clouds that weren't affected, and those cloud will begin to change color as the video and song continues to go on. In no time at all, it was clear that a fire rainbow will appear on-screen. That is when the song ends for a moment before a voice is heard as though someone was right next to it, long strands of light orange hair can be seen at the corner.]

Hello, everyone! Umm...I bet you may be wondering what all this is about. You see, I'm Nike, and my power is to control the weather like this. I haven't been here very long. It'll be two months, maybe, that I found myself here. But that isn't the point of this video.

[She'll look up at the sky which will have her hair disappearing from view as well.]

I wanted to do something today. Something I've been avoiding ever since I got here: I want to ask everyone who could hear me one very important question!

the important question is found down below! )


Jun. 18th, 2016 01:09 am
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In my world, there are people born with a genetic mutation that causes the manifestation of various superpowers. We’re called mutants, for obvious reasons, and people hate us. Not everybody, but enough people and with enough ferocity that being a mutant can be dangerous.

I know that as well as anybody else, I guess. I was targeted and murdered by an organization called the Church of Humanity. I never understood why ME. I’d never really done anything to anybody. Not on purpose.

I kind of get it now, though. These past few days, I thought I came from a world where I hadn’t died. In that world, I retaliated against the Church’s attack and killed William Stryker and all of his men in the process. I’d been scared, and I’d been angry, and that’s what I’m capable of. The fact is… I’m monstrously powerful, and I don’t know if I can really blame somebody for thinking I must be a monster from a distance.

Which isn’t to say I forgive them for killing me. It sort of brings up the Big Conflict, you know? How far do you let somebody push you before you retaliate? And then how do you live with that? I don’t know if there are universally satisfying answers. I hope I never have to figure it out by experience. Knowing what I’d done in that life felt horrible, mostly.

I don’t know where I’m going with this. Sorry. It’s a little melodramatic, isn’t it? I just feel like I have apologize for something that never actually happened to me, even though I don’t know if I’d actually apologize for it if it DID happen.

How do you deal with what you’re capable of?
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Hi, everyone.

I've forced anonymous for this post. You can't log in. I thought we could all try to get some honest, no-strings-attached opinions out of each other, but feel free to use this for whatever you want.

I'll post a couple headers, but you can make your own, too.

Have fun. If anything gets out of hand, let me know.


[ooc: Obviously we can't actually post anon here, but please pretend everyone is, in fact, anon. :) There is also no privating and you might consider responding to Cadel's opt-in hacking permissions for me, too! ]


May. 9th, 2016 11:01 pm
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My name is Kim Wexler, I'm an attorney.

[ The beginning is sort of abrupt, but there you go. Silence follows, until Kim sighs, slowly and loudly. ]

That's- that's pretty much it. That's me, that's what I do. I'm no- not a superhero or even a regular hero, unless you need a lawyer, I guess. Does anyone need a lawyer? Otherwise I have no idea of what I'm doing here, but it's certainly not worrying over the crapload of work I just left back at home.

[ Leave it to Kim to fret about paperwork out of all the things that should be making her worry after finding herself in a different world altogether. ]

Anyway, yes. I'm just- I need to go lie down and probably get a drink before I can even start reading these files and what not. Did someone notice the hover cars. They have hover cars. I- this is a little too much.

[ She doesn't want to talk about the stupid pseudo Cold War thing, please don't mention that to her. ]

So I'm going to- yeah. Kim Wexler. Lawyer... and I have a Beauty Salon? Okay...

Lying down now.


Apr. 19th, 2016 08:48 pm
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If someone were to discover that they possessed an ability that had the potential to endanger the lives of those around them, what sort of options would they be looking at?

Other than resorting to criminal detainment of course, and where learning control is not an option, as it simply doesn't function in a controllable manner.

So essentially what I'm asking is, is it possible to voluntarily arrange for import abilities to be suppressed? Are there any non-permanent options? What sort of side-effects could one expect from undergoing such a process?

You'll have to forgive the lack of details I'm afraid, as they aren't mine to share.

[He's asking for a friend okay. Yeah when's the last time anyone bought that. Still though, it's true.]

Feel free to list any contacts you may have regarding this issue.

Thank you.
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[ On the network today is Marty looking...well, like he should! Not old, no receding hair line, none of that stuff. He's very happy to be this way, to be honest. Being old was fun for maybe an hour or so, but after that it kind of got old. ]

Hey. So, ah, this is Marty McFly here.

[ He sniffs, rubbing a finger across his nose. ] Okay. So I registered to be a hero at the swear in. Is there anything special I gotta do? Or do I just wait for the bat-signal?

[ throwing 4th wall references probably isn't a good idea marty. ]

Just wonderin'. If I'm gonna agree to this I want to actually do somethin', y'know?

[ Marty's just about to turn off the communicator, when he seems to come up with another question or something. Or maybe this was his original question, and he's just been too...sheepish to actually ask it. Somebody's not going to be happy when they hear what he's going to say. ]

...Has, has anyone seen a guitar? I mighta, I dunno, "sold" it- [ He's gotta use the quote marks. ] -maybe. I kinda want it back. The money'll be yours.

[ With that, Marty gives a pretty damn sheepish smile, before the feed goes black! ]
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[ Bruce greets the network with a bland smile, brief, shoulders hunched just so, tension lingering in the muscles there. The stance seems almost second nature to him, though, as if that's just the way he usually carries himself. ]

So, this all looks like fun. Too bad I didn't have time to pack. [ His words are as dry as the desert, and his attempt at easing into the video function is stale at best. He presses on anyway; he started it, so he may as well finish. ]

My name's Bruce Banner. I'm still a little green around these parts, [ ha ha ] and I figured this was the best way to get in touch with most of you. The other ImPorts, that is.

Out of mere curiosity: how many of you are familiar with powers or abilities, back in your world? What about heroes, or anything at all even remotely like the system in place here? Did you have any powers at all before coming here?

As for the registration process: I understand there are a lot of perks for those who choose to register. My question is, how difficult is it really to find a job or a place to live while unsettled? If you have the skills, would you say the hiring process is the same as in your world, or more complicated? Financial aid isn't important to me, and I don't mind if I don't get paid a lot or don't have money for any place too fancy. I'll make do.

[ Questions, always so many questions. He smiles somewhat apologetically at the camera. ] Sorry. Inquiring minds, all that.

[ Clearing his throat, ] If the acronym SHIELD or the word Avengers mean anything to you, let me know. I'm— [ He pauses, almost says something else, then just shakes his head dismissively. ] ... done, I think. That's it. Thanks.


Feb. 3rd, 2015 06:11 pm
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You know, this isn't the first time the government's kept files on me, but I think it might be the first time they've let me read them.

[ Bruce isn't looking at the camera when he speaks. The view's askew, too, device propped up on the desk at which he's sitting and a little obscured by a small stack of papers in the foreground.

He removes his glasses before casting a glance towards the screen, offering a very small smile that's a match for his patient, gently amused tone. He seriously doubts the files he's read are the full ones; that's the joke, though he doesn't elaborate.

If you're a kid or an amateur scientist, or both, let me know what you're interested in learning about. Otherwise, you're in for my best attempt at a kid-friendly explanation of the fourth dimension. That should be relevant to everyone's interests, at least.

Job-related question, by the way. Not just asking because I love to talk about science. But on that note— if you work for a company with an R&D department, consider this an official job inquiry.


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